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Proud Miner's Daughter (Tribute to the Miners)

By: Fargo Bcn

Being a miner´s daughter makes me feel so proud of what I am today. I owe it all to the two hard working hands of a proud miner who is my dad. He raised a family risking his life day after day, after day entering that very dark mine portal.

He and the others miners would burrow into the earth underground. The fruits of their labor, what so often we take for granted.

Most days, they would emerge from the dark mine, squinting at the light. Most days, they would emerge, sweaty, smelly, dirty and dusty. Most days, they'd come home. But some dads don´t come home anymore if they got hit by explosions. How risky isn´t it? So sad but true. Our father never lied to us how hard it was down deep in the bowels of the earth where he labored with other courageous miners.

All that hard work; all that hardship; all the time spent underground; it was all for their families. It was all for you. For a college diploma. For a roof overhead. To have food on the table. For a chance to give their kids opportunities that they would never knew; a brighter future to become doctors, engineers, teachers someday and enjoy retirement with their spouses. It was all in the hopes of something better. So these miners live. These miners who spend every day digging in the earth are some of the greatest unsung heroes of industry and in our modern civilization. They dig deep into the darkest places in the world to bring out the riches that help to sustain our lifestyles. From the steel for our cars, to the copper wiring that binds together our digital world together, everything we think of as our modern lives and comforts exist on the back of these intrepid people, the MINERS.

Yes, I'll always be a proud miner's daughter.

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