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Devastating Earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria—your urgent response is needed to save lives.

By: Fargo Bcn February 10, 2023

Two powerful earthquakes have struck southeastern Turkey and northern Syria. More than a dozen thousand people are confirmed dead across Turkey and Syria, with numbers expected to rise in the hours and days if no immediate help is done. In northwestern Syria, the earthquake has wrought disaster on communities devastated by over a decade of civil war. Following this great disaster turned the area into ruins. Among those affected inside Syria are thousands of Kurds and Syrians still displaced and living in flimsy shelters, tents, and partially destroyed buildings. In Turkey, the impact includes thousands of people and communities. The most affected areas hit by the earthquake are southeastern Turkey and northwestern Syria, where the Kurdistan region is located, and most Kurds are in dire need of help. Thousand are still trapped in the piled rubble and collapsed buildings where rescue operations and aid are insufficient or not even reaching devastated areas. The earthquake has destroyed people’s homes and many local infrastructures—families urgently need relief goods, medicines, and shelter. Severe winter storms are sweeping through the region. Families need urgent protection from the freezing cold winter, gusty winds, snow, and rain. It's the fifth day since the deadly earthquake rocked Turkey and Syria. In a brutal winter, hundreds of thousands of people hit by the earthquake are trapped in war-torn northern Syria, almost completely cut off from international aid.

We need to act now. This great disaster draws attention to internally displaced communities and stateless people. Diakurd ensures that your donations will reach the affected areas and victims. We have reasons to believe foreign aid is not reaching the Kurdish communities and is entirely left out. The Kurdish Diaspora roofing organization #Diakurd has launched a fundraising campaign to help the earthquake victims. We hope that as many as possible will have the heart to make their donations count. Whatever amount is encouraged, thank you for your kind generosity.


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