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IFA-Igorot in France Association Captures Huge Crowd Attention in the Festival of Banners in Lyon

By: Fargo Bcn

IFA paraded in the city street of Lyon. Waving with a sign of peace is the IFA President, Julia Geston.

Lyon, France: The 13th of June 2015 marked the annual festival of the Tourismeis Parade of Banners. A gathering of all nations representing different associations in the city of Lyon. The activity started at 11:00 in the morning before the Office of Trourisme. The event is celebrated annually and probably the most attended as it involves the participation of all nationalities residing in France. The street parade was the most festive celebration. Every participating country showcased its unique and rich culture through a street dancing parade that culminated in its two days official Holiday Festival. The Consular Festivities took place on the north side of the city square, with official booths occupied by representatives from different countries with respective consular officials.

Tourists and locals alike who got the chance to see the street dancing of the Igorots were awed. As the group proudly paraded, the crowd was drawn closer to take photos of the colorful native garbs and unique beauty of the Igorots. The "savage" sound of the gong beats echoed throughout the event, and more people were drawn to watch the stunning presentation that was new to them. The cultural dances that related stories of festive thanksgiving, courtship, and marriage, the traditional practices that continue to be practiced today, were all new to their site. Looking at the huge crowd, many locals in the city wondered... and by the look on their faces, they were utterly amazed as to where in the world map the "Igorots" originated. For IFA, it was a different experience to be invited to this momentous event. Despite having been soaked under the sun, everyone enjoyed the festival. At 6 pm, the group boarded the bus going back to Paris. Exhausted and tired but entirely happy!

The Igorot in France Association wishes to thank the organizers of "La Fête des Bannières du Monde", especially the warm hospitality of the Filipino group in Lyon spearheaded by Red Garcia, popularly known as "Red Ranges". Above all, to the different committees with associations of foreign origin in the peninsula of Lyon, merci beaucoup!

IFA managed to give their happy smiles before the camera after a long and tiring street dancing parade. Holding the Philippine banner is Bong Varona, the vice president of the association.

Message from Red Garcia

The Igorot gentlemen in France proudly display their native costumes and gongs before a crowd.

IFA- Igorot In France Association from Paris posed for picture taking during their arrival in the city of Lyon in celebration of The Feast of Banners. IFA represented the Philippines in the street parade, showcasing their colorful handwoven native garbs and cultural dance.


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