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Adiyaman: Library Project Seek Support

By: Fargo Bcn

It's been nine weeks since the deadly earthquake struck Turkey and Syria. I had been following a volunteer group of two friends who have been working hard as volunteers ever since the fatal quake hit southeastern Turkey on February 6. These volunteers have been on the earthquake scene for a long time. They tried to mobilize all efforts they could. Their voluntary aid has helped a lot of affected people during the earthquake. From finding resources to providing food, clothing, and shelter, they tried to reach out to generous people who would willingly donate in-kind goods and financial assistance. Considering the urgent need to find support, the group came to a discussion and agreement to institutionalize their effort. They have agreed to register the association's name, "İnsani Krizle Mücadele Derneği” (Humanitarian Crisis Charity Association). The concept of humanitarian charity includes two different areas. First natural disasters define the struggle against crises such as earthquakes and floods, and second, the battle against social problems.

The group identified that the primary step of the Humanitarian Crisis Charity Association would be the "Emergency Aid Market," which will be established especially for earthquake areas and orphan families. Aid will be provided to the identified families who seek immediate assistance by giving basic needs such as groceries. Preparing free meals and finding willing families who would like to accommodate some families in dire need of shelter.

It has been over a month of working together, and I have seen the untiring voluntary work of the group as they respond to people as the need arises, as many more people are seeking help. Two volunteers who dedicated their time and efforts are my social media friends. I was closely in touch with their charity work before the earthquake erupted. Just a few days ago, I noticed the latest update from the group. I was extremely happy when I saw their announcement informing the public that they are opening a library built in Adıyaman, a city in southeastern Turkey. It is the administrative center of Adıyaman Province. The district is inhabited mainly by Kurdish. While it is true that humanitarian aid has responded from different countries, sad to say, many areas have not been reached by local or foreign aid. Many towns were left out, so the residents in many communities in the southeastern region of Turkey must work together voluntarily to help one another with their bare hands.

This great disaster draws attention to internally displaced communities and stateless people. Adiyaman is one of the affected areas far from getting help from the government or foreign assistance. This posed the most significant challenge for the Humanitarian Crisis Charity Association to participate in community volunteer work actively. They have also demonstrated transparency in distributing donations to affected areas and victims. They will continue to help uplift the devastated lives in the community and restore it slowly with the help of people who are in solidarity with their mission.

The humanitarian solidarity of the people in the community is encouraged and strengthened. The library project came to reality through the determination of kindhearted people and volunteers who helped throughout the process, motivated by the people in Adiyaman province to build a library for children. The community thought bringing the people together and helping build the broken spirit of many families affected by the earthquake was a good idea. This project was inspired by the orphaned families who lost a child or children in their families.

Why a library? The basic essential need in the community is a library. Putting up a library has been one of the dreams and project targets of the group. The need to teach culture, arts, and language is vital, especially for the Kurds, whose native languages are becoming extinct. Everyone has the right to learn his/her own culture and mother language as one's identity. The library was built through collective efforts by individuals who donated books, visual aids, and different educational materials and offered free labor through its process. Financial assistance from friends and individual donors (local and abroad) was extended to make the project successful. Countless people have cooperated to realize this dream and build this beautiful project. But to be able to operate and maintain the library, one needs to be employed. Volunteers can temporarily manage for a month or two, but looking after the facilities and managing the library is a commitment. Providing a monthly salary for the library worker is a must. In this regard, the group is asking for support from friends to compensate one person responsible for managing the library. This is why I wrote this article with the consent of the Humanitarian Crisis Charity Association. I feel the need to help in my little way, hoping this humanitarian cause touches anyone. If a dollar or euro is collected from any generous and compassionate heart, it will be blessed and multiply. "Hope is the dream of the awakened person." How can I ignore their humanitarian mission and disregard their sincere request knocking into my heart? Please be encouraged to help. Any amount of donation will be highly appreciated. Here's the information where you can contact: Contact person: Nesim Canaytan, email: Telephone: +90 536 051 18 65 (Whatsapp)

Telephone 2: +90 052 631 65 01


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