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Oil Company Based in the suburb area of Duhok Rescue Puppies Abandoned in the Mountain

By: Fargo Bcn Five Assyrian Mastiffs, also known as Pshdar puppies, were spotted abandoned in the mountains of Duhok, a few kilometers away from Lalish. Sirood Almufty, who works with the oil company, first noticed the abandoned puppies while inspecting the area near his workplace. On the following days of his visits to the site, he brings leftover food to the puppies when he drives to the open field to ensure that the puppies are safe or if someone has taken them.

Almufty has been sharing cute photos and videos with some of his family and close friends on social media and in his casual exchange of conversations, and he began receiving comments from concerned friends. He felt obliged to do something as he read their worries and distress messages. This moved him to discuss the matter with his work colleagues to save the lives of the poor puppies by providing shelter is a must, especially during this cold winter season where anytime snow comes. Together with his workmate, Aryan Najat they worked together as a team to construct and set up the kennel out in the open field; so with their colleagues who were present and willingly gave a helping hand.

In a phone conversation with Almufty, he shared his company's effort and favorable action to put up a kennel for the puppies as a shelter. It would be a temporary shelter to protect them from being endangered by wolves and other wild animals dwelling in the mountains. "This is not our job, but we must protect the animals, more so that these are puppies. It makes you uncomfortable when you know that some living creatures are unwanted and left somewhere in an open field abandoned forever." Almufty said with a sad tone. He said, "I hope that we all can be more caring and compassionate towards animals."

There has been an increase in stray dogs in the past two years alone. Records reveal that stray dogs are often considered a danger and a public health issue in the Kurdistan Region. They are frequently shooed away, beaten, hit with sticks, and killed by hit-and-run cars. As a result, many people are either afraid of them or fear they carry diseases.

The killing of these domesticated animals was banned in 2010; that's why these dogs reproduce freely. But unfortunately, people can't prevent their reproduction and take care of them in a way that has become a problem for the people.

I believe that there's no perfect solution to this rising problem. But based on the veterinary experts working with PAK (Protecting Animals in Kurdistan), neutering dogs "has a lot of health benefits" and improved behavior. "In terms of behavior, they will be less aggressive and not instantly attack people." We hope the government will increase its capacity to fund the need to provide facilities and aid to the animal care unit to lessen the fast-growing number of stray dogs. To the oil company (who prefers its name not to be mentioned), you did a great job. Huge thanks! This is the simple act of KINDNESS that we need in this world. You are the unsung heroes, and you deserve the credit. May your example be for others to emulate. May this story encourages others to help homeless animals to raise awareness in the community. Talking to people in the community can bring about changes that will dramatically improve the welfare of these animals. Spay and neuter your pets if you have them, and tell your friends to spay and neuter their pets. Spaying and neutering help control the population of strays in the community.


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