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French TV Features Cordillera Culture

By: Fargo Bcn

Today, Facebook reminds me of a great memory that occurred precisely eight years ago. I got the opportunity to work with France 3, a French government TV channel based in Paris that was interested in documenting the history of the mountain people in the Cordillera and some parts of the Philippines. Fortunately, I was recommended by the CEO of Xijen College, Mr. Joel Fagsao, who was my former boss during my teaching year at Xijen. Having worked in the field of mass media for seven years before I decided to try opportunities to study abroad, I was able to add another field of study apart from being a journalist. Though I'm into teaching English as a second language, my passion for media works didn't diminish. It's the field I immensely love and enjoy.

On January 17, 2011, two French journalists, Ait-Habrouche Morad and Laila Agoram, were set to document a story on Bontoc's past headhunting practice and culture. The setting for the documentary took place at Saint Vincent’s High School. SVS, being a School of Living Traditions, the team covered the lecture on headhunting among the Bontocs by book author and retired English literature teacher Mrs. Florence K. Chaokas. The Bontoc war dance was also shown to demonstrate the tribal warriors who bravely faced the battle against their enemies.

After their mission in Bontoc, France 3 TV staff moved to Kalinga to follow the story of the last headhunters and end the documentary in Banaue, Ifugao.

The photos show Charlotte, Celine, Leila, Morad, and myself taking a break while working at the editing studio in Paris. The translation of the footage taken from Mountain Province, Ifugao, and Kalinga took us two weeks to finish before its broadcast publication. It's been an incredible journey and experience working with FRANCE 3 TV. Merci pour le merveilleux moment! ****************** IN LOVING MEMORY of Mr. JOEL FAGSAO**********************

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