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The Making of Igorot in France Association

IFA was organized in March 2012 through the initiative of a few Igorots based in Paris. Many Cordillera immigrants have heard about it since its inception and came to support the association. With great enthusiasm, pride, and affirmation, IFA started the Igorot community, strengthening the brotherhood and unity among Cordillerans in Paris. The Igorot in France Association welcomes those who trace their Igorot origin from the Cordilleras: Benguet, Montanosa, Kalinga, Apayao, Ifugao, Abra, Baguio and Bago tribes to be a part of IFA. Let us love our unique culture and traditions and be proud of it! As we explore the world and experiences of Igorots in this foreign land, we will come to learn the stories of those who have come before us. Ma,y our ancestors bless and guide our path in achieving our objectives. Kabunyan is great!!! Long live Igorot in France Association!


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